We’ve got a question to ask. Actually, a few!

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And just like that, Summer 2018 has come to an end. We would like to say (again!) a MASSIVE thank you to all our audiences that have managed to catch us on tour this year, whether that be Reynard the Fox, The Town Band on Bremen or the brand spanking new There Be Monsters!

But before you all dive head first into your pumpkins and Halloween costumes…we would like to ask one more thing. Don’t worry, it’s not scary, we promise! Before we start our preparations for our 2019 tour and exciting projects for the winter (oooh! more about that soon) it would be absolutely wonderful if you could answer a few questions about the themes of There Be Monsters! This will help us evaluate the show but also extend our research by gathering audience perspectives.

Please follow the link below to start the questionnaire. It should only take you 5mins!



Any information you can share with us is greatly appreciated thank you!


Summer may be gone, but Autumn and Winter are bringing us new exciting projects to get stuck into. Our Autumn project starts on Monday. We will give you a clue, it involves 40+ students and draws inspiration from France. HMMM. What ever could it be?

Finally, you can catch There Be Monsters! and our mischievous flock of sheep on 21st October at Borough Market, London, in association with the Lions part for October Plenty Celebrations. From apple bobbing to a huge corn queen, it’s a perfect Autumn family day out.

Wrap up warm now you lot! Speak soon.

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