The Predator’s Challenge


The Predator’s Challenge – Now in the winter of his life, King Noble Lion is too old to hunt his food. The time has come to appoint a chief huntsman to capture his dinner for him, but who deserves such an honourable position? The best way will be to hold a competition amongst his closest allies. Three of the Kings advisers are given the chance to prove their talents to the King, and be paid handsomely in doing so. Who will triumph: the ferocious Wolf, the sly Fox, or can Bruin the Bear prove that wit and speed are not everything a predator needs?
This show can be performed with or without our bespoke wooden cart and can be part of a series of vignettes or as a short stand alone show lasting 15 minutes.


Past Tour

In 2015, The Predator’s Challenge performed at:
Priory Tales Festival, Birkenhead in April
Lost Village, Lincolnshire in May
Art and Design Launch Event, Coventry in June
Overley Hall School, Telford in July
Transported Festival, Boston Lincolnshire in August


To book ‘The Predator’s Challenge’ vignette or for more information and tour requirements, please contact us or our producer, Lou Lomas at


The Predators Challenge vignette was devised by Coventry university graduates during the DLHE (Destination of Leavers from Higher Education) week in January 2015. The piece was a culmination of various workshops influencing the graduates in their use of the animals headpieces. 
Original Devisers – Jessica Rowe, Simon Overington-Hickford, Charles Craggs and Connor Nolan
Directors – Gareth Price-Baghurst and Joshua Patel
Composer – Gareth Price-Baghurst and Joshua Patel
Lyrics – Emma Stevenson, Jessica Coller, Gareth Price-Baghurst, Joshua Patel, Anna Shotter and Jessica Rowe
Producer – Glenn Noble, Gareth Price-Baghurst and Joshua Patel
Animal Headpiece Maker– Richard Johnson 
Costume – Kieran Steward