The Hare and The Tortoise



The Hare And The Tortoise– Lop the Hare, the fastest animal in the forest, is distraught when she discovers that not a single animal signs up to compete in the Annual Animal Racing Contest, for fear of losing against the reigning champion. Hadrian the Tortoise decides to save the competition by volunteering to race against her. Baffled by the old shell’s foolish decision, but too proud to turn down the offer, Lop agrees to race Hadrian in what she believes will be her easiest race yet. Can slow and steady beat the fastest animal in the forest? Come one and all to the woodland place, Tortoise and Hare are having a race!

This show can be performed as part of a series of vignettes or as a short stand alone show lasting 10 minutes.


Past Tour

In 2015, The Hare And The Tortoise performed at:

Art and Design Launch Event, Coventry in June

Transported Festival, Boston Lincolnshire in August


In 2014, The Hare And The Tortoise performed at:

October Plenty Festival, Borough Market London in October




To book ‘The Hare & The Tortoise’ vignette, or more information and tour requirements, please contact us or our producer, Lou Lomas at


The Hare and The Tortoise vignette was created in 2013 as a roaming walkabout animation and as a main staged show for ‘The Carnival of Animals’ production that was part of the Coventry Mysteries festival, supported by Coventry University, that The Fabularium performed in.
Artistic Director – Glenn Noble
Musical Director – Gareth Price-Baghurst 
Animal Headpiece Maker – Richard Johnson
Prop and Set Maker – Russell Dean of Strangeface Theatre
Set Designer – Jonny Dixon
Costume – Kieran Steward