Live Briefs @ Coventry University – WEEK 1


Hello friends! Us again.

Happy October! Myself, Josh, Gareth and Connor (Long term Fabularium collaborator and Noctium Artistic Diector) celebrated, by starting our brand new project with Coventry University third year students for their Live Briefs module.  This module is designed to give students direct experience of working within a professional environment; working with a professional theatre company, to create an original piece of work together. The project will be undertaken over 5 weeks, ready to showcase our Macabre Cabaret just in time for Halloween…muahahaha!

Week 1 has allowed us to get to know all 45 students, work-shopping the skills of The Fabularium, providing them with the styles, techniques and exercises to help develop a French cabaret.  Now some of you might be thinking, a dark, risky cabaret is not something you would usually expect from us. However, we are excited to explore this experimental avenue. The convention of cabaret is an idea we have been thinking about for future projects.
















We’ve crammed A LOT in this week, from Acro-Balance, Singing, Commedia to Stilt-Walking, Clowning and Bouffon. It’s been fun to go back to our roots and share the skills we’ve learnt along the way. The latter part of the week got the students to research the 9 circles of Hell! *imagine that being said with lots of echo and reverb for full effect* This isn’t how we are going to punish students if they miss a session. We are exploring Dante’s Inferno as inspiration! Honest.

Next week we hope to get a house band confirmed to start creating the sound track to this dark, underground world. Also, a big road trip (10 minute walk) to our venue ‘The Box’ situated at Fargo Village, Coventry.  It’s a biiiiiiiiiiigggggggggg space to fill, but lots of exciting ideas of how to animate the space.



“Why will you never see Satan in an Armani suit? The Devil Wears Prada.”

There’s plenty more where that came from. Until next time, much love. Over and out.

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