Live Briefs @ Coventry University – WEEK 2

How goes it folks!


Week 2 down, and it’s been another fun and adventurous one filled with construction, devising, improvising, clowning, singing and music, jamming, stilting, and general play!



So the Wagon has been built and setup ready for the students to explore and become familiar with. We’ve been setting various devising tasks throughout the week for them to produce scenes that they can present on the Wagon, and there’s been some great developments and creations! We also took some time to explore clowning and audience clocking, so that the group can embrace the engagement they will have with their audience during the shows.



One of our tasks was dishing out cabaret acts that we want to see in the show, and what the students came back with was wonderful! Amazing, entertaining, hilarious and downright dark humoured acts that had us in stitches as well as creeped out! They’ve really started hitting the nail on the head and produced some quality acts that will be fantastic for halloween! And so we’ve collected some together, asked for people to continue working on new ideas, and have a good handful of acts that we’re happy to start with.



We also took some time to explore the beginning of the show, working with the old Town Band of Bremen cart and creating a funeral procession with a choir (that’s all I’ll tell you for now, I don’t want to spoil the show!) It’s really coming together, a picture is forming and it’s looking great!



The Production Team have also been very busy, mapping out their ideas of set and costume, discussing the acts with performers to figure out what needs to be made and acquired. And they’ve organised the creation of the poster too, with illustration students working on a variety of designs for us to look at next week. Here’s our current holding image, with our new official show title:


Dante Cabaret

Next week we’ll be building more on the Cabaret acts and focusing on songs and music. We’ll also be revisiting Acrobatics on Tuesday, which I can’t wait to teach!

Right, I’ll wrap it up there. You can now book your tickets for the show, so if you haven’t already, get to it!

Click here to buy tickets!

We’ll be performing down Fargo Village at the Box on Tuesday 30th Oct, Wednesday 31st Oct, and Thursday 1st Nov, 7:30pm each night. Get it in the diary and see you there! And of course, beware! For this will not be a show for the faint hearted…

Finally, I’ll leave you with this recent discovery I made:

“If you play a Windows Installation CD backwards, it plays a satanic message! But, the most frightening thing of all is if you play it forwards, it installs Windows!”


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