New Landscapes Week 4 – Return to Acro

Finally the Winter weather is starting to drift off and the Sunshine is upon us!

This week saw us introducing Gareth into the mix, who has been away on other projects. Now, he’ll be leading Group A and I’ll be leading Group B, though we’ll be together during crossover sections and then next term we’ll be cracking on with everyone together…53 people in one room, it’s going to be fun!

So we began the week by designating characters for people to begin creating and continue researching. We’ve a good balance of circus performers now: bearded ladies, strong-men, contortionists, electrodes, and so on! I’m excited to see what material they generate with these characters and what costumes they pull together.

Following this, we had an hour with all students together in the space where we sang through our La La song and then introduced the oldest English song to ever be scribed: Sumer Is Icumen In. We taught the song and rehearsed the melody and will return to it later. It’s always great playing with songs when there’s a chorus of 53!

Then on Tuesday and Thursday’s sessions we returned to Acrobatics! The intention this time was not only to introduce more intermediate combinations and moves, but to start suggesting how these moves can be used within their performance for moments of slapstick and humour. We played with pump-flips, superman jumps and standing human pyramids, and ended the session by displaying the world’s tallest women mixed with a standing human pyramid:

Another fun and busy week. The students are doing us proud!

Next week: we build the wagon!

Joshua the Fox

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