Live Briefs @ Coventry University – WEEK 3

  It’s been a BUSY week. The pressure was ON and with less than 2 weeks until opening night…. But the students are all rising to all the challenges and pulling out all the stops to get this production up and ready! The story line is being honed, the cabaret acts have been decided and being rehearsed throughout the week with major developments for production and make up, music is being written and rehearsed faster than you can imagine and marketing have been busy promoting this show like crazy! Check out Dante Cabaret Facebook and Instagram to follow live updates… Facebook:     Instagram:   We also held an advanced Acro session to really push the students who wanted to develop that skill. We saw some amazing results in only a few hours and with boosted confidence the students began to combine tricks to start making a routine – The Boneyard Tumblers.   We also attempted a 4 part harmony version of ‘Allegri’ with the 30 performers, and with only an hour or so for the separate parts to practice, the first time we pulled all 4 sections together sounded quite spectacular and is now indeed being used in the […]

Live Briefs @ Coventry University – WEEK 2

How goes it folks!   Week 2 down, and it’s been another fun and adventurous one filled with construction, devising, improvising, clowning, singing and music, jamming, stilting, and general play!     So the Wagon has been built and setup ready for the students to explore and become familiar with. We’ve been setting various devising tasks throughout the week for them to produce scenes that they can present on the Wagon, and there’s been some great developments and creations! We also took some time to explore clowning and audience clocking, so that the group can embrace the engagement they will have with their audience during the shows.     One of our tasks was dishing out cabaret acts that we want to see in the show, and what the students came back with was wonderful! Amazing, entertaining, hilarious and downright dark humoured acts that had us in stitches as well as creeped out! They’ve really started hitting the nail on the head and produced some quality acts that will be fantastic for halloween! And so we’ve collected some together, asked for people to continue working on new ideas, and have a good handful of acts that we’re happy to start […]

Live Briefs @ Coventry University – WEEK 1

  Hello friends! Us again. Happy October! Myself, Josh, Gareth and Connor (Long term Fabularium collaborator and Noctium Artistic Diector) celebrated, by starting our brand new project with Coventry University third year students for their Live Briefs module.  This module is designed to give students direct experience of working within a professional environment; working with a professional theatre company, to create an original piece of work together. The project will be undertaken over 5 weeks, ready to showcase our Macabre Cabaret just in time for Halloween…muahahaha! Week 1 has allowed us to get to know all 45 students, work-shopping the skills of The Fabularium, providing them with the styles, techniques and exercises to help develop a French cabaret.  Now some of you might be thinking, a dark, risky cabaret is not something you would usually expect from us. However, we are excited to explore this experimental avenue. The convention of cabaret is an idea we have been thinking about for future projects.                               We’ve crammed A LOT in this week, from Acro-Balance, Singing, Commedia to Stilt-Walking, Clowning and Bouffon. It’s been fun to go back to […]